Real Estate FAQ’s

How long does a photo shoot take? A typical photo shoot takes about 20-30 minutes.  Of course that is based on the size and condition of the home.

What if it rains? Unfortunately we can’t control the weather and we all know that Wisconsin weather can change from minute to minute!  I promise to get the best photos I possibly can, and I do have the ability to lighten up photos in the post editing process.  Rest assured that even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate we don’t have to reschedule the photo shoot and make you prepare all over again!  We are Wisconsinites… we can adapt and overcome 🙂

How do I pay? I’m glad you asked!  I do all my accounting and invoicing through Quickbooks and they have a secure online payment service where you can pay with online check or credit card right from the invoice that I email out to you.  Online check is preferred as it costs the least for me to process, but as long as you are paying I will accept it any way you want to get it to me!  I also have a chip card reader that I can plug into my phone at the time of service that uses the same Quickbooks secure system.  If you are a high volume lister and prefer to be billed once a month, let me know and I will be happy to set you up that way.

How will you get the photos to me? I use Dropbox which is an online cloud based file storage system.  I will send you a link to the photos in my Dropbox and you can download and save them from there, you can also forward the link to your seller so they can view and download the photos.  You do not need a Dropbox account to do this, but I do think it makes for an easier, faster download process.  I also think that if you start using Dropbox in your everyday life you will quickly wonder how you ever got by without it!  I can email the individual photos to you, but due to the size of the files and limitations of email it can be a slow and frustrating process!

Can you upload the photos online for me?  If you would like, I can also upload the photos directly to MLS or your company website for you but you need to trust me with the access information to your account and deciding which photos “make the cut”.

What if I lose the photos? I store photos in my Dropbox account for 6 months from the original photo shoot which is the typical length of a listing contract.  If you need the link again at any point during that time just shoot me an email and I will gladly send it to you!  After 6 months we would have to schedule a new photo shoot.

How does the copyright for photos work? As an artist, as soon as I shoot the photo the copyright belongs to me.  On the bottom of your invoice there is a line that reads “Upon payment of above services, Pink Ribbon Productions grants payer authorization to use photos for marketing purposes.”  This doesn’t hand over the full copyright but does give you authorization to use the photos for marketing (this includes marketing of the property and yourself!). I may also use them to market my business.

Do you do video? Yes!  Video AND aerial services are now available!  Contact me for pricing and availability.